Morning Glory Inn

Morning Glory Inn

The Classic Cape House viewed from the street is just the beginning of the Morning Glory Inn.

Enter the driveway, park your car in one of the guest spots, and follow the path to the front door.

Enjoy the gardens as you walk on the entry path.
You’ll feel that your vacation has already begun.





A sense of place.
Guests enjoy the refinement and intimacy of a special home and appreciate the atmosphere created for them.


A large room with a wood-burning stove & seating area, and the breakfast dining room.   

There is another ‘living room’
It’s actually a part of the house that was built in the 1770’s and brought here from the Isle of Shoals (a small island off the coast of Southern Maine/New Hampshire) during the Revolutionary war.

living-room This room has a fireplace as well, and it is a very cozy place to read or enjoy a glass of wine by the fire when the nights get cool.

There is something special about our rooms.

IMG_0806Each has an outdoor deck, with a table & chairs surrounded by flowers where you can have your breakfast privately if you choose, or just enjoy any time at all.

For more in-depth room information, with photos & rates, See our Rooms page.

heron room at Morning Glory Inn, Maine

Breakfasts are bountiful.

Early risers!
7:00 a.m., coffee and muffins/coffee cake, are in the main room ready for you.

By 8:30 a.m., there is fresh fruit, muffins, yogurt, and home-made granola.golden-quiche

9:00 brings a hot entree which varies and always delights.    

We work to make sure everyone’s dietary needs are met, with tasty results. All you have to do is let us know what you want.

More breakfast info


About the Inn Keepers

Margie and Doug Mindell

Margie and Doug Mindell are the Innkeepers at Morning Glory.

Our backgrounds are in the arts.

Doug has been a Photographer working with magazines such as Yankee and The Washington Post. Doug got his start in photography studying with Ansel Adams.
He was first introduced to the Innkeeping business many years ago while photographing Yankee Magazine’s regular feature, “The Best Inns of New England”.
Doug has also renovated several homes and has a passionate interest in period renovation.

Margie has been an artist and designer, first drawing for gallery and museum shows (you’ll see some artwork around the Inn), then working in advertising as an illustrator, and moved from there to Web Design.
With a Master’s degree in Fine Arts, she was a teacher at several Boston area colleges.
As an avocation, cooking and baking have always been a great love of hers and having friends over and cooking for them puts the whole picture together.

Doug and Margie bring their aesthetic sense to the Inn, making it a warm and welcoming experience for their guests.


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