Green Inn Keeping

The Morning Glory Inn has been certified as an Environmental Leader by the State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection. To achieve this recognition we are required to meet high standards of energy efficiency and environmental practices. An detailed questionnaire is completed and is followed by an inspection. The Inns first certification was in 2009 and a re-certification was completed in 2011. Each re-certification asks that a property continue to increase its efforts to reduce waste and its negative impact on our environment.


Here are some of the efforts that the Morning Glory Inn has made:

1. A new high efficiency Biasi boiler was installed to reduce oil and electricity consumption. And the building has 8 individual heating zones (each guest room has its own thermostat).

2. Most of the lighting in the building is furnished by new highly efficient CFL bulbs.

3. During the renovation of the inn, high efficiency faucets, toilets and shower heads were employed.

4. A special drip line form of irrigation is used for the gardens to reduce water consumption.

5. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are rarely used. There are just 2 applications of organic lawn fertilizer each year. 

6. The Inn composts most vegetable and fruit waste. 

7. Trash is separated into recycle containers.

8. The "company car" is a Honda Fit outfitted with a low emissions engine that achieves about 33 miles per gallon


Your comfort is always most important, but here is how you can help as guests:

1. Housekeeping changes sheets when new guests arrive. They can be changed more often upon your request.

2. A towel re-use program asks that you consider using your towels more than once. Re-hang your towels if you wish to re-use them. Drop them on the shower floor and the housekeeper will be pleased to replace them.

3. Recycle containers are provided in each room. Please use them for bottles, cans and paper products.

4. Each guest room does have its own AC and heat controls. Your comfort is our priority, but when you leave your room for an extended period of time, please consider setting them on a moderate temperature.

 Thanks for your help!