Maine Coast Light

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      The Magic of the Maine Coast is the Light.

Maine coast light on Harbor beach


It’s been said that the Maine coast has so many twists and turns, that if you made a straight line with a string, it would stretch, … far.
All of that craggy coast makes for some interesting and unusual light.
It’s what makes the coast so endlessly fascinating.

You may even fall in love with it as we have.

We moved here as the leaves had almost finished falling. It hadn’t turned cold yet, so we took lovely walks by the river, the harbor and through wooded trails.
As an artist, light’s effect on what you see has ben a major focus and inspiration, but having moved to the Maine coast from the city, it struck me anew,..
and with shocking brilliance.

Watching the shoreline, the tides, and the sunsets, has brought so many variations to what we see every day.
The picture above foretold the oncoming change from summer to fall, and it’s colors sang out.